Boy or Girl?

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How Genetics Determine Gender

By Gabrielle Mancuso

A baby’s sex is determined by X and Y chromo- somes. With the X chromosome being female and the Y chromosome being male the gender of a baby is usually a 50/50 chance.
However, there are certain situations in which
the father can have something to do with the deter-
mination of gender. The father is in charge of pro-
ducing the chromosome that determines whether
the baby will be a girl or a boy. The family tree of the
dad influences these results. If the dad comes from
a family of all boys, meaning he has all brothers, he
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will most likely produce a male chromosome. If the dad comes from a family of all girls, meaning he has
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all sister, he will most likely produce a female chro-
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Unfortunately, the mother’s family tree has noth- ing to do with the gender of the baby, but there are
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ence the•gAenroduenrda-sthwee-lcl.loFcokraetxteanmtipolne, nutrients and living conditions can help with the determination of gender