The Best Books for Younger Kids

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By Gabriella Mancuso

The Magicians Boy by Susan Cooper-A young boy who works for a magician is transported into a mystical land filled with fairytales. Ages 8-12

Beans on the Roof by Betsy Byers- Unable to enjoy he roof of his apartment building George Bean joins a poetry contest competing against his sister Anna, so he can play on the roof. Ages 9-12

My Happy Life by Rose Lagererantz-A young girl is constantly happy even when it rains. Ages 4-8

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurcie Sendk-A young boy who desires adventure and excitement runs away and ends up in a wild place filled

with all sorts of creatures. Ages 4 and up

The Bear’s Song by Benjamin Chaud-Papa Bear is searching for his cub who ran to follow some bees and their honey throughout the city. Ages 1-4

The Boy Who Loved Math by Deborah Helligman-A boy who has loved math from a young age travels the world, and uses math and math problems to live life. Ages 4-8

Wonder by RJ Palacio- A young boy with a facial deformity and his family are dealt with many challenges and changes when the young boy starts school. Ages 9-12

The Cats of Tangled Wood Forest by Charles deLint- When a young was strolling through the woods as she usually does but is then bitten. The magical animals of the forest help save her. Ages 9-12

Thank You and Goodnight by Patrick McDonnell-Enjoying friends and slumber parties never seemed so fun before! Ages 4-8

Harry Potter (the series) by JK Rowling-a young boy learns he is a wizard and is invited to a magical town where he faces villains and spells, while attending the wizarding school of Hogwarts. Ages 9 and up