Bad Sugars are Addicting

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By Gabriella Mancuso


Sugar is one of the most controversial food products since its creation. A little more than a century ago sugar was believed to be an extreme source of energy. The people who believed this were not wrong, however there were and still are many other side effects to the consumption of sugar. The reason earlier generations were unable to figure this out was due to how unad- vanced medicine was, but the reason you may have not known about sugars many side effects is for a completely different reason.
Food companies do an outstanding job at covering the symptoms that come with eating sugar. Classifying sugar under different names such as sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose the food industry fails to advertise that when sugar is added to a product, it becomes dangerous. Sugar can cause many diseases such as obesity, liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Sugar consuming is also extremely addictive. When a product contains natural sugars, it is usually beneficial and good for you. It is when the sugar is added to the product that you should be worried. These are the addictive sugars that cause mood swings, anxiety and uncomfortableness. Once you start eating these you won’t be able to stop, and it will become a habit. Seventy-five percent of unnatural foods you find in the supermarket contain addictive sugars.
It might seem impossible for you to avoid sugar and the side effects it consists of, but there are always ways to help. We can suggest the removal of products with sugars from the shelves of our schools and hospitals. We can also fight for labels to be placed on all addictive sugar products warning people of the side effects. Daily ways we can fight sugar is by reducing our intake of highly sugared food.