Back-To-School: Warts and Wart Prevention

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Plantar warts are a common viral infection of the skin on the bottom of the foot. It is a contagious process, but can either spread slowly or rapidly depending on the strain of the virus. Summertime fun, with barefoot exposure and lots of water activities such as the beach, pool, and Hurricane Harbor, are great ways to get this condition. Although not life-threatening, warts can be painful and should be treated. With the summer being over, some children have warts and don’t realize it because they are small and not yet painful. But as your children get back to their back-to-school shoes and socks that will trap more sweat, these warts will fester. There are several very effective remedies for plantar warts. You should check in with your podiatrist to make sure your child’s feet are truly ready for “wart-free” “back-to- school” times!