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How do I select the best hearing aid for my hearing loss?

We believe the best way to select the best hearing aid for your listening and lifestyle needs is to try hearing aids. As Audiologists, we can test your hearing, make a recommendation and give you a demonstration of hearing aid technology in the office. However, we feel the best way to evaluate which technology is most appropriate for you is to use the aids in your environment and daily activities for 1-2 weeks. At Horizon Audiology, we offer trial hearing aids that can be programmed to your hearing loss the day of your audiologic evaluation. When you return for your follow-up, we are able to read the data-logging and truly see your individual listening environments and make the most appropriate technology recommendation.
Hearing Aid Technology is selected based on your audiologic results, lifestyle and budget. Horizon offers 5 levels of technology from essential, basic, advanced, premium and deluxe. Essential technology is ideal for a more private lifestyle including quiet conversations, on the phone and watching television. Basic technology is best for a lifestyle with minimal background noise, small family gatherings, religious services and driving. Advanced technology is for more active lifestyle and those in moderate background noise such as meetings, conversations with children, theaters, and group conversations. Premium technology provides optimum flexibility and performance of demanding listening environments. Includes attending meetings, social events, outdoor activities and high levels of background noise. Deluxe hearing aids work to automatically help you hear your best in all types of conversations and listening environments especially when background noise is high, your hearing aids will focus on speech from any direction and enjoy enhanced music performance.
At Horizon Audiology, we can offer hearing aids from 8 major manufacturers. As such, we are completely independant and are able to program, repair and service most products purchased elsewhere.
If you or someone you love is having difficulty hearing, listening, or communicating, Dr. Tara Fuchs and Dr. Jane Brady invite you to contact them for a consultation. Their offices are in East Windsor 609-448-9730 and Pennington 609-303-0291.