A Clever Way to Limit Your Child’s Candy

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By: Mia Ingui

Scenario: you have succeeded in keeping your New Year’s resolution of making healthier lifestyle choices and eating clean, healthy foods. That isn’t easy as is! But throw in a house full of kids committed to their own diets of sugar and salt, and it can be tough trying to run a healthy household. Then that dreaded candy filled holiday comes around, and your kids come inside after trick or treating and dump a pillowcase full of candy onto the counter.

How can you keep them from overdosing on sugary sweets? There are some clever ways to monitor the candy intake in the house by you and your kids.

First, the candy could become a reward and incentive for the kids. Keep it all stored away, and when the kids are on their best behaviors and are doing a good job of keeping organized and responsible, then they can indulge in their Halloween stash a bit. Or, maybe let your kids make a swap with you for some of their candy. Make a trade-off. If they give you some candy, give them a small toy or an allowance. Or, let them keep their favorite candies, but you could get rid of the excess so that there isn’t any unneeded temptation in the house. Ultimately, Halloween is a night to have some fun and enjoy the huge amounts of candy, so let your child enjoy themselves, but monitoring the amount of candy they eat is key to keep them healthy.