A Better Mattress Proves Better Health

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, 92 percent of people reported that a mattress is important to them for a good night’s sleep. An old mattress can be the cause of pain, stress and other health issues.

A recent study proved that a new mattress improves stress. The study asked 60 people to sleep on their old mattress for a month, then to sleep on new mattresses for another month. During the second month, their stress levels dropped significantly. Also, the back pain you suffer from sleeping on an old mattress and the irritability linked to a poor sleep increase the levels of cortisol in your body.

According to WebMD, 20 million Americans are allergic to the allergens in their beds. Dust mites also lead to skin problems, such as eczema and respiratory conditions, as they damage your lungs and promote a sore throat. Another side effect of dust mites is snor- ing. The irritation of the airways due to dust mites increases the risks of snoring, making breathing more difficult.

Another common problem of sleeping on an old mattress is back pain. Oklahoma State University conducted a study on a group of people and asked them to replace their mattresses every five years. The people that replaced their old mattress, reported a significant decrease in back pain.

Did you know that an older and softer mattress can cause snoring? If your mattress is not supporting your body properly, your airways may be under tension or the tissues may be sunken, which leads to snoring.

Sleep deprivation also promotes binge-eating and overeating. Not sleeping well also weakens your immune system. A lack of sleep also puts a toll on your heart. A study conducted by the European Heart Journal showed that people who suffer from lack of sleep or poor sleep, have a 48% more chance of developing heart conditions

Poor sleep effects your memory too. If you notice your sleep is suffering, consider investing in a new mattress. You may change your life and improve your health. You are guaranteed a great shopping experience at GET FURNITURE on Rt 9 In Manalapan. Visit their website at www.Get.Furniture