5th Annual Rock for Rich Fundraiser

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By Pam Teel

This year was the most touching spirited year ever for the 5th Annual Rock for Rich Event, a Musical Fundraiser in honor of former Millstone resident, Richard Baylor, who passed away in 2013 from the chronic disease Sarcoidosis. For years, Rich and his wife Marian hosted many Baylor Bashes in their backyard where friends and family came together to sing, play their instruments, and jam the night away. This year, in honor of the 5th annual Rock for Rich, the musical event was once again held in the Baylor’s backyard.

The Baylor’s were blessed to have their family, old friends, and new friends from North Jersey, New York, London, and Oregon join them. All the people who played and sang with Rich and who were touched by his engaging smile, his music, and his genuinely warm loving personality came together to honor their dear friend.

The Baylor family would like to send out a heartfelt thank you for all the texts and notes they received as Richard’s presence was felt by everyone on that special night.“It was truly a good vibe in the yard,” Marian’s nephew Dan stated. Her nephew also created a memorable video of the event as he has done for all the other past events.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs and lymph glands. In people with sarcoidosis, abnormal masses or nodules (called granulomas) consisting of inflamed tissues form in certain organs of the body. These granulomas may alter the normal structure and possibly the function of the affected organ(s).

The symptoms of sarcoidosis can vary greatly, depending on which organs are involved. Most pa- tients initially complain of a persistent dry cough, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may include: Tender reddish bumps or patches on the skin, red and teary eyes or blurred vision, swollen and painful joints, enlarged and tender lymph glands in the neck, armpits, and groin, en- larged lymph glands in the chest and around the lungs, hoarse voice, pain in the hands, feet, or oth- er bony areas due to the formation of cysts (an abnormal sac-like growth) in bones, Kidney stone formation, liver, development of abnormal or missed heart beats (arrhythmias), inflammation of the covering of the heart (pericarditis), or heart failure, nervous system effects, including hearing loss, meningitis, seizures, or psychiatric disorders (for example, dementia, depression, psychosis).

In some people, symptoms may begin suddenly and/or severely and subside in a short period of time. Others may have no outward symptoms at all even though organs are affected. Still, others may have symptoms that appear slowly and subtly, but which last or recur over a long time span.

Sarcoidosis most often occurs between 20 and 40 years of age, with women being diagnosed more frequently than men. The disease is 10 to 17 times more common in African-Americans than in Caucasians. People of Scandinavian, German, Irish, or Puerto Rican origin are also more prone to the disease. It is estimated that up to four in 10,000 people in the U.S. have sarcoidosis. The exact cause of sar- coidosis is not known. It may be a type of autoimmune disease associated with an abnormal immune response, but what triggers this response is uncertain. How sarcoidosis spreads from one part of the body to another is still being studied.

Since the foundation started in 2013, Marian and her three children have raised over $14,000 and have made contributions in their father’s/ husband’s name, Richard Robert Baylor, for Educational Scholarships, Sarcoidosis Research, and the Church- Music program at Allentown Presbyterian Church. They are very grateful for everyone’s efforts and generosity and delighted that their friends continue to be a part of this event in helping to keep Rich’s memory alive through one of his favorite things to do, listen and play music. Music truly does heal the soul!

“A special thanks to all the talented musicians, singers, and for all those who lent a much needed helping hand to make this one special musical event. Rich would be so touched that you were all here, as I am sure he was looking down and he would be so very proud of his three talented children. A Special shout out to the Sponsor Gift Donations Raffle team; Joan, Barbara, Linda, Anita, Karen, Diana and Deb, and Musicians; Keith, Vinny, Pat, Jeremy, Joe C., Dave, Joe V., and Brian. A wonderful thanks to musical appearances; from Rich’s frat brother, Mark Farley playing his beautiful Harp Guitar, Keyboardist/singer Enoch Smith Jr. Director of Worship & Music from my church at Allentown Presbyterian Church, Dan MaCcray, Trevor’s ESU College fraternity brother and acoustic guitarist, brother-in-law’s Harry and Charlie, and most of all my very talented twins, Trevor & Kerianne. Scott, Donna H., Penny, Donna O., and Anne H, thanks so much for the behind the screens support with our yard preparation as I could have not done this without any of you. It was truly a magical day and so very happy you all were part of this year’s Rock for Rich. Thanks to all of our continued sponsors and donations for this commitment to support our fundraiser. Rock in Peace Rich!” Love Marian.


Baylor Twins – Trevor guitar and vocals- Kerianne- vocals
The Baylor family Trevor, Marian, Andrew, and Kerianne