Is Writing a Lost Art?

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By Marlene Bohnyak, Owner/Instructor

Not at Artisan Studio where we treasure the arts of writing and
illustration … for kids! Do you remember going to the library and
actually taking out a book, a physical, tangible object that you could hold, smell, feel and enjoy? Turning back a page because it was either a bit vague and you needed to reread it…
or better yet, it was so fantastically well written that you needed to enjoy it one more time!

Remember the beautiful illustrations on the cover, at the beginning of a new paragraph or randomly scattered throughout the story? These were my favorite memories long after the words were gone months and years later … but the illustrations, whether watercolor washes or pen inkings, they were deeply etched into my memory forever.

Those days are long gone but a child’s opportunity to create these memories are alive and well at our studio! Our COVER 2 COVER classes help our students tap into their imagination and express their ideas. Their writings are accompanied by various forms of illustration from the start at the cover, through the story, to its end and the back cover. We inspire them to think
outside the box as they explore all the wonderful possibilities.

At Artisan, we have always encouraged our students to read, go to the library, search the internet or other source for imagery and/or information to inspire and inform themselves for a chosen project, whether an artistic purpose or additional knowledge. They will fully understand the subject when there are cross-information sources for deeper inspiration and understanding.

We focus on content and structure in the writing process, from brainstorming through the completed story…It’s their tale to tell, we give them the needed encouragement and tools. In the illustration area we will engage them in many different techniques with various materials to enhance their creations. The finished product is a uniquely bound book with a well written story
accompanied by beautiful artwork!

Skills learned in COVER 2 COVER will carry over into your child’s schoolwork as she/he learns to structure sentences, improve grammar and vocabulary, spell better and write in a clearer manner. The process of writing has many steps; like many of our other classes; it shows tour students that a process require patience, and patience is often rewarded with better results…and grades. We have received so many comments from parents who notice the change, and get positive feedback from the teachers in school who see improvement as well!

Our COVER 2 COVER classes are for kids ages 8 and older who enjoy reading and writing stories, poetry and graphic art forms. We present our lessons in a very positive, fun and engaging manner sure to please your budding author/illustrator. Do you have a potential Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Eric Carle, Crockett Johnson or Dr. Seuss in your family? Give us a call! 732-294-0234.