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artisan july
ARE SO COOL… Really cool… In Many Ways! On the hot, humid days of summer, our campers are working in our comfortably air-conditioned COOL studio working on very creative and COOL projects! We offer an imaginative and diverse selection for our campers to experience, learn from and enjoy. Each day brings age appropriate choices from which our campers will learn new skills, patience, the process of art-making and enjoy the company of all the other like-minded campers who love art! We do not repeat projects as we have many campers attending multiple sessions and want to keep it fresh, interesting and challenging for all. At Artisan Studio campers will work in various mediums such as chalk and oil pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints, colored pencil and marker, and 3D work in clay, paper, wire, wood and papier mache (kids 10 and older). They will learn about famous artists of various genres and be inspired by their works, then create their own original work based on the artistic style aspect they personally enjoy. Cartoon characters, animal figures, still life, landscape, portraits are some of the most popular projects done by campers of all ages… even our youngest at age 4, it’s always simplified but adorable and well done. Mosaics, origami, masks and other decorative projects are also very popular. Book writing & illustration (and binding), fashion design & illustration, sewing and weaving are also offered to campers if there is sufficient interest. The studio environment is stress-free and non competitive, a refreshing break from the school year and homework. We have an amazing staff of caring, nurturing instructors, counselors and assistants who give support and guidance to our campers of all abilities; experience is not required. Very often families are encouraged to come to our studio to help their kids improve hand-eye coordination, ability to follow instructions, slow down when writing and drawing, strengthen weak hands and fingers, etc. We are so happy to help in these areas, all while enjoying creativity. SUMMER NIGHT CLASSES are held on Tuesday evenings for those who are unable to attend our daytime camp for kids 8 and older. It’s great way to try something new, or continue participating in classes throughout the summer. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE NOW HAVE ONLINE REGISTRATION! Registration has been ongoing since April, don’t miss out! Send your camper for a single or multiple weeks! Please visit our enhanced website for more information about SUMMER CAMP and SUMMER NITE CLASSES, including pricing, guidelines and our art gallery Marlene Bohnyak Owner / Instructor