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fashion-blogger-webBy Susan Heckler

Style is something you are born with, you either have it or you don’t. Anyone
can purchase clothing, but putting components of outfit together and adding
accessories to make a killer outfit is a gift. This is so essential to our world that
people make a career out of being a stylist and companies come up with ideas like Garanimals (yes, I am dating myself) to help people assemble their outfits to match.
Most young women get their sense of style from advertisements and, in many cases end up looking like their friends around them. You are dressed for the occasion and in style, but does it suit your personality? Does it reflect your mood or put you in a good one?

Danielle Kraidin was lucky enough to have the gift of individual style, and a mother to share it with. Dani attributes her fashion sense to her Mom, Patrice, who from a very young age dressed her with flair. This became a mother/daughter hobby of shopping and assembling ensembles to envy. The duo shops for their fashions anywhere from a flea market to haute couture. Dani enjoys mixing up basic budget items with high end ones to come up with totally new and different looks. She will pair a tee shirt from Forever 21 with Gucci heels or jeans from Target with a Coach handbag.  She loves to let her outfit suit her mood or make her mood.

You would think a 15 year old who is a honor student, testing for her black belt in tae kwon do, studying fencing, doing SAT prep and other things would be way too busy for much more. Danielle has so many friends asking for fashion advice that she decided, back in March, to start a blog to share her ideas. is Danielle’s blog with 1,000 followers and you can check out her latest You Tube video She narrates the videos and her father, Jonathan, is her videographer. Her latest one was shot at Princeton University, one of the top on her list of schools to apply to.

So do you think Millstone Township has our very own Rachel Zoe in training?