Six Years in the E.R.? This Woman’s Story Is Killer…

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What would you do if you ended up in in the E.R. with severe pain, every month for 6 years like this woman? Knowing around the same time of the month, every month, for all of those years, it would come and cause her nothing but agony and suffering for days.

She writes, “No doctor could explain how or why I was going through this. I had to take very strong nausea medication, the kind they give to cancer patients and strong pain narcotics to stop the vomiting and the pain.”

Imagine if you were Sharie Guzman, who knew every month she would be rushed to the hospital with severe menstrual cramps, nausea, uncontrollable vomiting, brain fog so severe that she couldn’t think, and a list of other symptoms that led her to be bed bound and depressed for days.

One night when she was at the hospital, the ER gynecologist, instead of putting her on a medication that would turn off her hormones…had an inspiration!

“He told me about Dr Agrios and what type of doctor he was and thought it might be good for me to meet with him. At that point I had given up and had lost all hope. My husband told me to go see him and said, “What do we have to lose by seeing him?”

That hour Sharie spent with me was life changing. Since she began my program two years ago, she has not been in the hospital except once when she went off of it.

Have you given up searching for a different kind of healthcare program that has a very high success rate?

Don’t wait until your symptoms are causing you so many problems like they did for Sharie. Find out:

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Philip C. Agrios, D.PSc, Functional Wellness Practitioner