As Seen On TV: Buyer Beware

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By Pam Teel

You’ve probably seen the advertising on TV, especially right before Christmas when the networks are full of infomercials advertising cheap affordable products that can probably work well when you need a quick gift for someone and you don’t know what to get. A lot of times, it’s well advised to not waste your money, but every now and then a product does come out that is all that it’s said to be.

as_seen_on_tv_003_web First let’s start with the Cat’s Meow. The cats loved it; at least they did for the few hours that it worked. They pounced on it and chased the red wire around all night until they were tired. When I went to put it on the next day it made a grinding noise. If not for my son who took it apart and oiled it, it would have been thrown right into the garbage since I lost the receipt for it. Now it works at half the speed. It runs on two C batteries and you need a small Phillips head screwdriver to open the back battery compartment up. You have to press the button on top to open and close. There have been many complaints about grinding gears, shredded yellow covering and poor quality of the design. I have to give this a definite thumbs down and tell you to save your twenty dollars. It should come with a warranty. It’s cheaply made and breaks easy. I would advise you to save your receipt and return it if fails on you after a few days. My recommendation to you, get your cat “Da Bird.” If you have a little time to invest in playing with them, they will love it. It’s basically two feathers at the end of a string that are set up to simulate a bird flying. You can order one at Fosters and Smith Pet Supply on the internet for just $6.99. Make sure you order the one that comes with the extra set of feathers for $ 8.99, you’ll need it. They’re easy to replace on the string and your cat will love it!

as_seen_on_tv_005_webAs Seen on TV-Perfect Fries One Step French Fry Cutter. I actually bought a few of these as gifts for relatives after I picked one up for myself to try. The plastic housing is strong and durable. The fries come out in only one size after you press the potato through. It’s easy and quick to prepare. First cut off the ends of a medium sized potato so they are flat. Make sure it will fit in the plastic mold. If the potato is hard or cold, it will not slice as easy. To soften the potato, put the potato in the microwave for about 40 seconds to get it more to room temperature and then continue. Don’t peel the potato, just wash, slice off both ends, place on grate, cover with plastic cover and press down. It’s that easy. I give this product a definite thumbs up! They sell for about $9-10 dollars on Amazon or you can pick them up at Walmart in their “As Seen on TV section.” No fuss or big mess to clean up after!

Stay tuned for more As Seen on TV reviews to come!