Are You Questioning Where It Is Best to Put Your Aging Parent?

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francis_parker_aerial_viewBy Susan Heckler

QUESTION: My mother is at risk living at home alone but does not need a nursing home. The atmospheres in the assisted living facilities I have toured have residents that are much lower functioning than her.  Is there an in-between place where my mom can be safe and live with other residents at her level?

ANSWER: Yes and no. At the moment, no, but in a few short weeks yes. 

Fall 2014, Parker at Monroe will open its Long-Term Living Community. This blends an environment similar to an assisted living residence with best practices of skilled nursing care and specialized memory care services for all stages of dementia. Parker Home has been in the field of skilled nursing and caring for the elderly since 1907, with three other locations in New Jersey. All Parker Homes are supported by a highly trained staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing the residents who live there an optimal quality of life and social interaction in a comfortable, home-like environment.

Your loved one will be placed with other residents of the same cognitive and physical ability so your fear of having your high functioning parent sit idle with no mental or physical stimulation is alleviated. When they have the need for more care, it is available, as is the medical treatment.

Most assisted living facilities consist of one very large, hotel like structure where residents may be overwhelmed at the drastic change from living in their own home. The Parker at Monroe campus is comprised of 6 small homes, each with 16 residents. All of the small homes are connected to a central community center, which is easy to access.
Each small home’s residents have similar cognitive and physical needs. Every resident has one of 88 spacious private or 4 semi-private suites of just under 300 square feet, with a fully-accessible bathroom and large walk-in shower.   The small home is complete with its own living room, kitchen and dining area.  Residents are able to spend most of their time there and can visit the Community Center, which offers many amenities including a fireside lounge, Health & Wellness Center, formal dining room, and café.

The long-term living community is designed to support independence, but can accommodate assistance when needed. The community was designed for residents that are in transition from living totally independently to needing some level of assistance now, with later assumed assistance needed in the future.  Residents have the option of complete privacy or total social life or anywhere in between.

For more information about Parker at Monroe visit the website at or call 732-565-2422.