QUESTION: Pharmaceutical compounding. How do compounded medications benefit you?

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Pharmaceutical compounding is the art and science of medicine preparation. Compounding is a process of making medications from “scratch” by mixing individual ingredients together in the exact strength and dosage form prescribed by a physician.

In old times, nearly all prescriptions were compounded by chemists who were trained and skilled in the arts of formal medicine. As mass drug manufacturing began in 1950s, a “one-size-fits-all” approach was widely adapted in the industry with pharmacists becoming dispensers of pre-manufactured medications. Within the last decade, however, many physicians realized that this approach does not work for all patients, and they are turning more and more to compounded medications as an alternative treatment option.

At Marlboro Village Pharmacy, we have the capacity and expertise to prepare custom formulations that meet your needs:

Unique Dosage Forms. We compound medications in alternate dosage forms such as capsules, topical gel, cream, spray, sublingual drops and troches, or suppository.

Combined Formulations. We combine multiple medications in a single dose formulation. Strength Variations: We customize dosage to patient specific needs.

Flavored Medications. We make medicine taste better by changing the flavor and color of the medications.

Allergen-free Medications. We formulate medication without allergy-inducing ingredients such as sugar, gluten, soy, dye, or preservatives.

Discontinued Medications. We compound discontinued, and/or long term back ordered medications.

Marlboro Village Pharmacy offers customized solutions for a multitude of medical conditions including hormone restoration therapy (HRT), men’s health, pain management, sports medicine, pediatric, podiatry, dermatology, dental, and veterinary. As a compounding pharmacist, I received specialized training and certifications, and I am ready to answer any questions or recommend a custom solution specific to your needs or conditions. Marlboro Village Pharmacy is also a full service retail pharmacy offering prescription and over-the-counter medications, specialty drugs, vitamins and supplements, natural and homeopathic remedies, and medications for pet family members. The pharmacy also offers a large selection of high quality natural and organic products, and a wide array of exclusive products imported directly from Europe.

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