Question of Month – January/February

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Dr. Pete Bufano
Dr. Peter Bufano

What’s the best way to treat chronic or severe back pain?
Consider non-surgical decompression therapy that really works!
What is Decompression therapy and how does it work? At Spine and Wellness, we understand just how challenging life can be with chronic neck or back pain. This is why we are proud to offer our patients cutting-edge pain management with ISCS 2.0 (formerly known as DRX9000C) for non-surgical spinal decompression therapy – an alternative to traditional pain relief. Decompression therapy restores integrity to the spine by gently creating space between the vertebrae, reducing nerve compression and relieving back pain. This pain management technique naturally enhances the benefits of chiropractic adjustments, along with physical therapy. It is a safe and effective alternative, compared to medication management and invasive surgery. Decompression therapy is effective because it addresses the underlying cause for your back pain. Chronic back pain is frequently due to a herniated or slipped disc. When this disc is no longer aligned with the spine, it can compress nearby nerves, triggering pain. During a pain management treatment session, a computerized traction table will gently traction the spine, restoring space between the vertebrae. Depending on your wellness needs, we may recommend 10 to 12 treatment sessions over a two-four week period.