QUESTION: What can be done for painful varicose veins?

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Mechanico Chemical Ablation offers a high level of efficiency and is a less painful treatment of varicose veins. This is possible through a new device—ClariVein—the latest technological innovation in the treatment of varicose veins. No bleeding, no bruising and no pain. You can even return to work the same day. It really is as simple as that.

How it Works
The Clarivein catheter is guided into the vein using an ultrasound. The procedure is virtually pain free and doesn’t require any anaesthetic. The tip of the catheter is then positioned near to the sapheno-femoral junction. The catheter sprays a chemical into the vein, sealing it and preventing the varicose vein from re-appearing. Once the procedure is finished, most patients find that they are able to return to normal activities the same day. You can even drive yourself home!

ClariVein is a special motorized catheter with a rotating tip. It uses chemo-mechanical ablation. “Chemo” stands for the liquid that has special chemical properties that destroy the inner lining of the vein. “Mechanical” stands for the rotating tip of the catheter that sprays this liquid onto the inside wall of the vein. It uses the rotation of the catheter tip together with the sprayed liquid to close and seal a faulty, leaky vein.

ClariVein does not use heat and does not cause pain so there is no risk of burning structures close to the vein. In addition, there is no anesthesia required when using ClariVein. This is why most patients find the ClariVein procedure more comfortable and tolerable than all other endovenous techniques.

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