QUESTION: What is the best way to remove unwanted hair?

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Getting rid of unwanted hair permanently, until now, was known to be costly and painful. We offer the new SopranoXL which is a Pain Free, Hair Free™ laser system. This state-of-the-art procedure was specially designed to permanently reduce unwanted hair faster, more comfortably and with fewer visits. Our laser is effective for all skin types and perfect for any area of the body—including more sensitive areas like the face, neck and bikini area. Because of Soprano’s patented in-motion technology, even sensitive areas can easily be treated without the pain caused by other systems.

By using a sweeping, paintbrush technique, the Soprano significantly reduces procedure time and discomfort, resulting in increased patient satisfaction. We compare the sensation to a “hot stone massage” and patients agree. The type of laser used is the Diode laser and are the most effective of all laser wavelengths for hair removal. Also, the results are lasting hair removal with no downtime. While electrolysis provides long-term elimination of unwanted hair, it is uncomfortable and can demand years of treatment and excess cost. The laser uses a wide beam that treats hundreds of hair follicles at once, instead of treating hair-by-hair like electrolysis. Large areas such as a back, legs or arms can be treated in a short amount of time. Today, advanced laser systems are replacing unpleasant, time-consuming or short term hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving. Our Soprano laser removes hair without causing irritation, and minimizes the chance of scarring and pigmentation changes. Imagine having hair-free, smooth skin. No more nubs, nicks, hassles or ingrown hairs with virtually painless treatments. The SopranoXL has received FDA approval for “permanent hair reduction” and is effective for both men and women of all skin types, including tanned skin, as well as different hair types.

At L’Amore Laser & Medical Spa, there is a female and a male board certified physician who perform the treatments to accommodate your preferences. You should be aware that in the state of NJ only licensed Physicians are permitted to use the lasers for hair removal.

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