Prevents Deer from Eating Your Valuable Landscape

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New Jersey Deer Control (NJDC) is a deer repellent spraying service which uses its own natural product to prevent deer from eating your valuable landscape. Our deer repellent is environmentally safe, harmless to humans and pets, and will not damage trees, shrubs, or flowers.

Our company does not just provide a deer repellent product, but implements a management strategy that prevents deer from coming on your property and destroying your valuable landscape. After evaluating the deer damage on your property, one of our three owners will carefully spray your precious landscaping with a fine mist of our product, which is virtually odorless, undetectable and weather resistant. Most services or products will only spot spray areas that have been damaged already. At NJDC, we blanket your entire property, which, in most cases, will change a deer’s pattern and keep them off your property for good. Deer are creatures of habit and once they realize there is no food to be had on your property, they will steer clear and look elsewhere. 

To ensure maximum protection, and to let the deer know that your property is off limits, we suggest spraying year round. Our service is necessary in the summer as new plant growth appears, and just as crucial in winter, when a deer’s natural foods are scarce. An average home is sprayed 9-12 times per year, and the price varies according to the size of your yard and what you have planted. 

By using New Jersey Deer Control, you will receive many benefits such as:
• Save large amounts of money by not having to replace your plantings annually
• Eliminate the need for unsightly and expensive fences
• Gain the freedom to plant what you want, not just “deer resistant plants”
• Decrease deer traffic on your property which will result in less deer droppings on your lawn and less potential for deer ticks (carriers of Lyme disease)
And, most importantly, you will finally be able to “take back your yard!”