Preschool Perfection – Kiddie Academy of Brick 

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By Susan Heckler

Choosing a preschool is not what it used to be. There are so many new features available to parents and students which make the preschool years that much more formative.  Back when my no-longer-teens were that age, we looked for a clean building with a good staff where your child would be safe and learn a little something with their peers.

At Kiddie Academy of Brick, they learn a lot of something. In a conversation with director Lindsay Colavito, she explained their Life Essentials Curriculum which gives their students the tools they need for school and life. Each month they focus on a different quality to build character…October is Character Education and November will focus on Self-Reliance. 

They provide breakfast, lunch and snack for the kids and even use family style mealtime as a learning experience.

The school provides individualized lesson plans up to the age of two so allow the child to grow and learn at their own pace.  After the age of two, the teachers do a group lesson plan that incorporates activities to meet all the student’s needs. They supplement their already wonderful curriculums with outside ones. On Monday they have Broadway Bound which is a song and dance lesson leading to their own productions.  Thursday is Amazing Athletes where people come in to the school to teach the fundamentals
of different sports. Friday is ABC Music which is a specialized preschool music program where the kids get music education and introduction to instruments. They even have a divided outdoor playground based on age and an indoor village for those nasty weather days.

Your child’s safety and your peace of mind are essential. The school is equipped with safety doors which remain locked at all time. There is a Welcome Vestibule allowing visitors to check in and out before entering where students are.  They also have the Watch Me Grow program where parents can log in and view their child on video from any computer or smart phone.
The school is open year round and accepts new students at any time. For more information, contact them at Kiddie Academy of Brick at 920 Cedar Bridge Avenue in Brick, 732-262-3600,,