Parent Power: Build the Bridge to Success

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By adopting the following principles, you will be able to help your child learn at each step of the way and ensure success in school and in life.

Be responsible. Accept your role as the parent and make education a priority in your home.

Be committed. Once you have begun to work with your child, continue doing so throughout the year.

Be positive. Praise goes a long way with children, especially with those who struggle in school. Provide positive feedback.

Be patient. Show your child that you care through your commitment and encouragement.

Be attentive. Stop your child immediately when bad behavior appears. Show him or her what to do and provide an opportunity to do it correctly. Discipline should be appropriate and consistent.

Be precise. Provide clear and direct instructions.

Be mindful of mistakes. Record your child’s performance. Look over all the work your child brings home from school and keep it in a folder. Help him or her correct any errors.

Be results-oriented. Gather information on how your child is performing in school. Keep notes of conferences with teachers, request progress reports and carefully read report cards and achievement test results. Ask questions about these results.

Be diligent. Work from the beginning to the end of the year with your child and the teacher.

Be innovative. Keep learning lively and dynamic.

BE THERE. Just be there for your child–to answer questions, to listen, to give advice, to encourage and to speak positively about his or her life. Be there to support your child whenever needed.

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