New & Exciting Art Classes @ Artisan!

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By Marlene Bohnyak, Owner of Artisan Studio

Fall brings the return of familiar routines: school, homework and after school activities. Art is often overlooked as an activity based on the misconception that it can only be enjoyed by a gifted person. Not at all true—art can be a joyful, relaxing outlet in which a child or adult can reach into their creative side and explore their own thoughts, feelings and visions. At Artisan Studio in Marlboro, we teach students how to tap into their imaginations and turn their imagery into works of art.
In addition to traditional drawing and painting, we offer some other fun and unique classes:

CARTOONIMÉ – Cartoon & Anime illustration of diverse characters (teens & tweens)

BEYOND SCRAPBOOKS – Not a scrapbooking class! 3D paper crafts which are incredibly beautiful and functional to keep or give as gifts (adults)

COOL JOOLS – Jewelry & fashion accessories using various techniques and materials to create (9+)

COVER 2 COVER – Writing & illustrating their own stories in creative book forms. Equal attention given to writing skills and artwork (8 and older)

DIY DESIGN & DÉCOR – Go from drab to fab while decorating various objects (adults)

FASHION DESIGN & ILLUSTRATION – Kids create their own fashion figures (croquii), and fashion lines (trend boards) as they learn to use their own creativity (10+)

KINDER ART – Introductory class for pre K and kindergarteners, great projects for developing fine motor and artistic skills (4-5)

LIL’ FASHIONISTAS – A beginner’s class for younger kids interested in clothing and accessories appropriate for their ages (7-9)

MIX IT UP Crafts – Expanded from journals to include hand crafts and accessories – a truly create craft class (8+) also available for adults

MIX IT UP Fine Art – Combining various mediums in a project ie. watercolor and chalk pastel, acrylic, markers and oil pastels (7+ and adults)

MOM & TOT – Fun projects for toddlers with mom’s assistance – a great way to interact with other moms & tots (2-3)

MULTI-CULTURAL ARTS – Art history comes to life for kids! (8+)

MULTI-MEDIA – Includes cycles of drawing, cartooning, papier mache, wire, etc. (8+)

ORIGAMI – Create all kinds of decorative projects; strengthens eye-hand coordination and memory! (8+ and adults)

RECYCLED ARTS – From trash to treasure as objects are beautifully repurposed and reused (10+ and adults)

STUFT ANIMALS – Learning hand sewing techniques and embellishments while making cute stuffed critters (8+)

TERRIFIC TIE DYE – Clothing and accessories go wild with color! (10+)

YOUNG ARTISANS – Great projects for out younger students designed to engage in drawing, painting, collage and more (5-7)

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