My Life as a Senior

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By Jordan Tinitigan


Q: What is your favorite part about being a senior?

A: My favorite part, personally, is being able to have the freedom of driving to and from school, as well as having the opportunity to leave early to gain experience for my soon-to-be career!


Q: Are your classes harder this year?

A: Senior year could go either way…you could either take all AP courses, or you could take easier classes. I guess it all depends on the kind of learner you are and how much you want to challenge yourself. Personally, it’s not any harder than the past three years have been.


Q: What is the most stressful part about being a senior?

A: Applying to colleges!!! This process is very tedious and requires a lot of hard work and writing. Having to realize that my entire life is in my hands this year is very stressful and I often wonder where the time has gone, but as stressful and scary as it is, it is equally exciting!


Q: Any advice for underclassmen?

A: Do as much as you can! Join a club, play a sport, do anything! Whether it be in school or not, being occupied with activities other than video games and sleeping will totally benefit you in the long run! Also, keep up with your grades. Every single homework assignment since freshman year may not make or break your GPA, but your marking period grades might!


Q: Do you feel any different than you did throughout your high school years?

A: Yes, actually. The stereotypes about being a senior are partially true. Obviously we don’t bully the freshmen and steal lunch money, but everybody is a bit more spirited than ever before. I guess being a senior opens our minds to the fact that we are so close to becoming adults and we will never get to experience high school again after this year. Overall, I feel like everyone is growing closer as the year goes on and I’m glad they are.