Millstone Writer Has Her First Book Published

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By Pam Teel

EatPretty_webJolene Hart graduated from Allentown High School in 1999. From there she attended Bucknell University where she majored in English and Spanish. Hart enjoyed writing for the school newspaper and interning at a publishing house in London where she contributed her articles to several magazines.

She credits her love for writing as an extension of her love for reading. Being on the quiet side when she was younger, she found that she could better express herself through the written word. She recalls her first paying jobs writing for local newspapers, and after moving to New York City she became an online editor and red carpet reporter for the celebrity magazine called Inside TV where she interviewed famous stars like Angelina Jolie and Madonna. This was just a stepping-stone on her journey as a journalist and a beauty editor writing for such international publications such as People, InStyle, Allure, Organic Spa, and Prevention. Based on her years as a beauty editor and on her own experiences, Ms. Hart decided it was time to share her knowledge about the nutritional values of certain foods and their contribution to a healthier looking you. The book, Eat Pretty—Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out, includes 85 everyday foods that help aid the body in one way or another. For instance, did you know that garlic has a high anti-inflammatory value, aiding in preventing diseases such as cancer, and helping those with acne issues and skin sensitivity? Did you know that dandelion greens also help aid acne and aid in brighter clearer skin, and that a handful of dandelions have over 100 percent of your daily vitamin A needs?

Ms. Hart breaks down food sources as far as nutrients and beauty benefits. She also lists anti-aging herbs and spices. Did you know that oregano has antioxidants; antimicrobial properties that make it a popular cold fighter? Did you know that rosemary boosts mood and memory? You can find these tidbits and so much more, plus dozens of recipes to choose from throughout this informative book.

The transformation in the way you look, according to Ms. Hart, actually starts with a makeover for your pantry, your fridge and your kitchen cabinets. You’ll learn what the most important ingredients to stock in your beauty kitchen are as Ms. Hart coaches you along to a healthier Eat Pretty Lifestyle. As you nourish your body with these Eat Pretty Foods you’ll see the potential to bring beauty into every choice you make. What is your next bite going to do for your hair? How about your mood or your skin? This book is a must have for those wishing to change their lifestyle habits to that of a healthier one.

Ms. Hart is a certified beauty and health coach. In 2010 she founded Beauty Is Wellness ( On her site she presents expert advice on looking and feeling your best from the inside out. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband and newborn son and continues to write for many international magazines. You can find Ms. Hart’s book, published by Chronicle Books, at