Millstone Township School District News

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By Scott Feder, Superintendent of Schools

I want to share some important information about some personnel changes that are happening in the district. My goal was to have any changes in place so that they could be communicated to you prior to the end of the school year, but timing was not on our side. However, I am pleased to be announcing these moves as I do believe they help support our strategic planning initiatives as well as our entire district program.

This first personnel change is one you already know about. Mrs. Karen Barry has been selected to be the district’s Director of Curriculum & Instruction. Mrs. Barry leaves the Middle School Principalship after a very strong and productive 5 year term. The good news is that she remains in district to support the new principal and be the beacon she has been for these last five years. She now moves into this new role where her skills and strengths can spread to all three buildings as well as liaison to Allentown High School.

Dr. Christopher Huss, an experienced principal in the Warren Township Schools, will be joining our team as the new Middle School Principal. Dr. Huss comes to us with 9 years of administrative experience, a Doctorate from Seton Hall and an extremely strong reputation amongst his peers and the staff he has led. We welcome Dr. Huss on August 1, 2014.

The Board of Education approved Mr. Thomas Semko as the new Director of STEAM & District Data. This position is designed to specifically support the strategic planning initiatives as well as work with our new teacher evaluation system and all of the data obtained in this area. In addition, Mr. Semko will work with the extensive data that is available to us on our student performance. By linking this information together through a thorough and ongoing analysis, we plan to be more scientific in how we support both individual students and teachers as well as provide for the level of educational programming that best suits our students. Of course, the obvious cannot go unmentioned and that is that Mr. Semko will also be leaving the Middle School. I know that losing the two administrators at one time can sound scary, but having them both still in district should alleviate those fears. Mr. Semko’s replacement is announced below and I do believe this will also help to alleviate possible concerns.

I will be recommending to the Board of Education that Mr. Luis Ramirez, current Elementary/Primary School Principal, shift to the Middle School as the Assistant Principal. Mr. Ramirez has served the schools well these past two years and is eager for the next challenge in his career and I know he will be happy to be in one location. He has earned this and we are thrilled to have him join the Middle School family where he knows the majority of the students and families from his time in the Elementary School.
This leaves a vacancy for an Assistant Principal for the Elementary/Primary School which will be filled through advertisement and our hiring process. We expect this position to be filled in time for the September school opening.

I do understand that these are all significant moves, but in each case, the district gets stronger. We have a strong and cohesive administrative team who cares for one another and values each other’s success. I have no doubt or question that each of our team will be there to support each and every one of these moves to better the district and ensure that each person is successful in their new role. I am truly so fortunate to work with such an amazing team.

Dr. Wisniewski and Mrs. Bogusz will be working with their school communities to organize the hiring process for the new Assistant Principal of the Elementary School/Primary School. I welcome your questions and am available to discuss any of these moves with you. Feel free to reach out at your convenience. 732-786-0950 ext. 51010.