The Millstone Times’ Student of the Month: Adaugo Chikezie

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By Pam Teel

Seventeen-year-old Adaugo Chikezie is an eleventh grader at Allentown High School. When asked about what she likes about high school, Adaugo stated that she had met the most absolutely interesting and hysterical people at her high school. She names her sophomore year English II teacher as one of those interesting people, stating that she had never met a teacher more inspiring and more understanding than her. She also likes having her friends around to help her get through the day.

Adaugo loves being a part of the Allentown High School Drama Program. It continues to be her favorite part of high school. Adaugo loves being on stage. “It’s there that one is able to bring out their optimism, diversity, and individuality,” Adaugo states. She loves how the directors really care for the students and thinks it’s an incredible program to be a part of.

Adaugo’s favorite subject is English. Since the eighth grade, some of her favorite books include, S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders and That Was Then, This Is Now. She also loves John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. Currently, she is reading This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which she says that she is absolutely obsessed with. Her favorite artist at the time is Vance Joy and her favorite TV shows are Degrassi and Freaks and Geeks. Her favorite hobbies are reading, writing and theatre arts.

Adaugo’s favorite place to visit is New York City. It’s actually her most favorite place in the world! She has always seen the city as representing every person unfazed by the status quo. “New Yorkers are unafraid to get what they want in today’s competitive society,” Adaugo quotes. “I admire that. Also, it’s just a beautiful city.”

Adaugo lives in Millstone Township with her parents and her two brothers. She and her brothers are really close. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and New Year’s Eve where she looks forward to the anticipation of new and extravagant things happening! Adaugo has a weakness for Chinese food.

Her goal is to become a family lawyer. She also wishes to publish a book at some point in her life. She plans to pursue a major in Family Law and a minor in English, or to major in both, if she has the opportunity.

If she could have one wish it would be that people would show how much they appreciate each other more, and also for others to realize how appreciated and loved they really are. According to Adaugo, everyone deserves to feel important.
Her favorite activities include Theatre, the Debate Club, and the Student Council. She is the Junior class Vice President. This year she will be helping out with the Prom. The junior class will be coming up with many fundraisers to help raise money for the Prom, which includes bake sales, and selling Allentown apparel. She will also be helping to select a theme, find a DJ, and other prom related things. She’s very excited about this.

When asked if there was anyone that she would like to meet, she stated that she would want to meet Adam Jacobs, whom according to Adaugo, is an extraordinary Broadway actor. She can’t wait to see Aladdin on Broadway in which he will be starring. She also wishes there was a way that she could meet him afterwards.

It’s clearly evident that Adaugo is one of those people who looks at all experiences in a positive manner and gets the most out of everything that she puts her mind to, both academically and socially. She is definitely someone who won’t let any obstacles get in her way! We wish you well Adaugo in all of your future endeavors. Have fun planning for the Prom and thank you for being our Student of the Month!