Millstone Day — A Gathering Day for the Community

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millstone-dayBy Pam Teel

Despite the threat of rain, Millstoners set up their tables and booths early in anticipation of the annual Millstone Day on Sunday September 21st, hosted by the Millstone Recreation Committee. The event was held at Frogbridge Day Camp in Millstone. Owners, Frank Pugliese and his son J.R., helped to make the event a special time for all Millstone residents and the surrounding community to enjoy. The event was a gathering place for people of all ages to host charity events, sell their wares, promote their organizations, and just enjoy each other’s company on the spacious camp grounds at Frogbridge.

With so much to offer and so many scheduled activities, Millstone residents were lucky to have such gracious hosts allowing them the use of this eighty six acre facility where they were able to participate in so many activities that included: volleyball, basketball, tennis, paddle boats, dance contests, miniature golf, wall climbing, inflatable rides, crafts, petting zoo, and much more. It was sure to be a day of fun for everyone, especially the children where there were plenty of activities on hand like pumpkin decorating and other seasonal crafts. There were also plenty of food vendors and barbequed delights. There were hamburgers, sausage and peppers, hot dogs, fries, cheese steaks, and more, to choose from, keeping everyone well satisfied.

Twelve year old Rebecca Klein and eleven year old Kathy Heller set up a booth where they could sell their Perler Bead Figurines, which consisted of animals, characters, and mini’s, in an effort to help raise money for the (AWA) Animal Welfare Association. Realizing the good work the AWA does in helping to save animals and place them in good homes, and wanting to do something to help the organization, Rebecca came up with the idea of selling the Perler figurines at Millstone Day. Her mission is to help raise money that will go directly to the shelter so that they can purchase more bedding, toys and food for the animals waiting to be adopted. Rebecca has a true love for animals and feels great knowing her donations will go towards making a pet feel loved.
Kathy likes the AWA because it is a no kill animal shelter that has a loving volunteer staff that really cares for the animals. The Organization has cats, dogs, bunny rabbits and even guinea pigs that need adopting. Kathy’s family has adopted from the shelter a few times already.

Both girls spent hours at Kathy’s house making the figurines. They also took a field trip to the shelter and spent a whole day playing with the animals. They both felt a little sad for the animals but stated that it felt good knowing that they were going to be helping them with the money they collected at Millstone Day. Knowing that this is a no kill organization and that the animals don’t have a time clock ticking over their heads gives the girls even more incentive to help the animals stay at the shelter a positive one.

If you would like to find out about fostering, adopting, volunteering your time, or donating materials or money, go to:

Once again, Millstone Day was a great success. In this busy world, it’s always nice to be able to set aside a day to share with family, friends and new acquaintances!

Photo: Rebecca Klein and Kathy Heller sell their Perler figurines on Millstone Day to help aid the AWA Organization.