Math homework due tomorrow. How can I help?

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We know the importance of giving our children chances to connect with us. You should feel good if your child comes to you for help with math homework.

If you’re unsure about math, don’t panic. There are still ways to help. Just keep reading.

If you’re good at math, don’t take over. You’ll help most as a guide.

No matter what your own experiences are with math, there are questions you can ask that will help your child. So can a smile and a little encouragement.

• What is the problem you’re working on?

• Let’s look at it.

• What do the directions say?

• What words or directions don’t you understand?

• Where do you think you should begin?

• What do you already know that can help you work through

the problem?

• Tell me what you’ve done so far.

• Where can we find help in your textbook or notes?

• Are there similar problems to look at?

• Let’s try drawing a picture or making a diagram.

• What did the teacher ask you to do?

• What problems like this one have you had before?

• Tell me where you’re stuck.

• Who can you call to get help?

• Let’s try it using a calculator.

• Can you skip this problem and go on to another?

• What is the number for the Homework Hotline?

• Why don’t we look for some help on the Internet?

• What type of partial work does your teacher accept?

• Can you go in before or after school for help from your teacher?

• Should we tackle this when you’re not so tired?