Let Me Shake Your Hand, Mark Caravaglio

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By Susan Heckler

Caravaglio_webIt is always interesting how one person can alter the path and change the life of another.

Mark Caravaglio has been learning and instructing self-defense and martial arts for 34 years. At first it was an interest for him, and then it became his passion. This retired stock broker took the passion he loved and made it into a way of life. Caravaglio Self Defense & Fitness Training Center has been operating in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties for the last 13 years. Currently located at 957 Route 33 in Monroe Township bordering Millstone Township by Applegarth Road, his wife Regina and son Mark Jr. work side by side with him.

Many people would be content to own and operate a martial arts studio and gym. The Caravaglio’s know the impact the learning and knowledge of self-defense can have and like to spread the word.

Their students learn about Bushido and the Seven Rays of the Sun, which represent Courtesy, Benevolence, Loyalty, Truthfulness, as well as Courage, Honor and Justice and the importance to integrate them into your everyday life. His students learn the art and get the exercise but also understand to respect each other as well as learning pride and life skills.

Mark takes his expertise on the road, teaching self-defense and rape prevention seminars to women of all ages. He has shown sororities, girls clubs and organization memberships to be aware of the dangers that surround us and how to protect themselves from harm. He has worked with organizations such as Susan G. Komen, Make a Wish Foundation and at Rutgers sorority houses; 100% of his admission fee gets donated back to the cause.
How many lives may have been changed by the gaining of this knowledge?

For more information on his classes and lectures, Mark can be reached at 732-598-1829. For his dedication to helping change the lives of the youth and protect the lives of adults, The Millstone Times would like to shake his hand.