Why Kids Want FC Sportika Academy

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If your child is of school age and likes sports, chances are they are eating, sleeping and breathing soccer. Playing it…watching the World Cup…discussing famous players. This is nothing new; soccer has been a long term rage throughout the world. It is a great team sport and has sent many a child to college for a free ride. If you would like to give your child an edge and some advantage over the thousands of other participants, you should consider signing them up at FC Sportika Academy right in your own backyard. Why FC Sportika? Their superior, professional coaches are ‘C’ License at the minimum with many being ‘B’ and ‘A’. One criterion is they all must love the game. They embrace the European Background which is being taught internationally to bring U.S. players in line with leading soccer nations of the world. There is little or no parental involvement. Students are taught by professionals with Mom & Dad as observers. They initially launched in the summer of 2014 with four teams. FC Sportika was so well received that for 2015/16, we have grown to 11 teams (10 boys’ teams and 1 girls’ team). In Spring 2016 they will boast three elite EDP teams! Their Philosophy: “FC Sportika is committed to developing highly skilled soccer players that embrace the club’s philosophy in an environment that encourages excellence on and off the field. Our commitment to technical training at the younger ages fosters an atmosphere for producing tactically intelligent players as they grow into young adults.” What they teach: Ø Open attacking style predominantly 1 & 2 touch movement. Ø Player led philosophy. Ø Let the players express themselves and let them make the decisions. Ø Enjoyable learning environment. Serious but fun. Ø Repetition based program. Ø Technique based training, breeding good habits. Ø Development of the player, not the team. The end product is what matters, not results. So Mom & Dad, sit back and enjoy your children and leave the soccer lessons to Sportika! This facility is one of those ‘see it to believe it’ places. Check out their website www.sportikasports.com or call 732-577-1745.