Just Us Ladies Lashing Out

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By: Susan Heckler

For those of you who are too busy to apply their morning mascara, can’t deal with daily application of false eyelashes, or love to wake up your beautiful best, you can join the new craze and try eyelash extensions.

Before you do, a little due diligence is needed prior to taking the plunge. There are important choices to make; where to go, type to use, what fits your budget. There are different types of glue based on your sensitivity. In addition to allergic reactions, there is also the threat of infections with long lasting implications.

The best way to avoid complications is to put yourself in the hands of a well trained professional. Who does the application is extremely important, their training and hygiene will affect your look and your health. To get the low-down, I contacted Stefani Altieri who is a licensed Medical Esthetician & Master Lash Educator Trainer as well as a U.S. Master Trainer for LashCoat & Adele Sutton Range & Distributor. She is the owner of The Skin and Lash Studio and SkinLash Academy. “I can’t tell you how many certified lash artists out there that don’t do a quality job. This was my reason for opening up a Training Studio so that I can retrain and certify professionals to do a quality job. In this business, you get what you pay for, cheaper usually means inferior work and inferior quality products.”

The cost of these lashes is a consideration but, then again, think of how much money we all spend in an effort to look and feel great. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and be glamorous. Some think of it as an investment; feeling good about yourself can be priceless.

SkinLash Academy is NJ’s first training studio for individuals wishing to learn the skills and art in individual eyelash extension application, from the basics all the way to the latest trend in Russian Volume Technique.  Be the first in your area to offer Volume 3D – 6D lashes!  Other courses we offer are Customized Airbrush (Spray)Tanning & coming soon Advanced Skincare Classes.

At Skin & Lash Studio, we offer services from the best in Corrective Skincare from Dermaplaning to Chemical Exfoliation to our Newest Medical Microderm “Clear FX, as seen on the Doctors” to Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Photofacials, IPL Hair Removal, Customized Airbrush Tanning and Eyelash Extensions.  Stefani Altieri is a US Master Trainer for Lashcoat (Semi-Perm Mascara), Master Lash Educator & Licensed Medical Esthetician.  Stefani has had years of continuing education & travels around the world to keep up with the latest trends and makes sure she is one step ahead of the competition.  She truly is passionate about everything she does especially when it comes to Skincare & Lashes.  Her attention to the finer little details is what sets her apart from others.  Her clients love that she is so detailed and takes her time to ensure they are happy and 110% satisfied. Stefani never compromises Quality over Quantity, using nothing but the highest standards and having the best products to make sure only the Best Results are had.  The Top Service at Skin & Lash Studio is the Clear FX Micro IPL Oxygen Infusion. Results are immediate and amazing!! This treatment gives a deep exfoliation with Clear FX microderm, which can be done right over your eyelids and lips, the first microderm that can ever do this! Followed by an IPL Photofacial which helps eliminate fine lines, spider veins, pigment, large pores, uneven skin tone & acne followed by an Oxygen mineral infusion that is airbrushed over the skin and feels so hydrating and refreshing clients are just amazed at how great their skin looks and feels. The results last for weeks after and with a treatment scheduled monthly you can see the years of damage being erased!  We are now offering this treatment at 50% off, $300 for a limited time you can get this amazing treatment for $150.