Help Feed the Hungry with Scrap Hunger, Inc.

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By Brianna Siciliano

Do you have scrap metal that you are itching to get rid of? Why not donate that metal to Scrap Hunger, Inc.? Scrap Hunger, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was founded by Dominic Esposito, a fourteen year old young man, that encourages a greener environment and is dedicated to help the less fortunate of New Jersey. 

“My idea for Scrap Hunger, Inc. started in 2013 after conducting research and speaking with individuals and local businesses about an environmental project. It was then that I learned that many people were not properly recycling some scrap metal. Around the same time, I read that Hurricane Sandy had resulted in hardships for many New Jersey families and that food pantries and shelters were having a difficult time keeping shelves stocked. After realizing that large amounts of scrap metal have value and that scrap metal proceeds could be used to help feed the hungry in New Jersey, the idea for Scrap Hunger, Inc. was born,” Dominic tells us.

Since February 2014, Scrap Hunger, Inc. has raised $1,200 to help feed the hungry in New Jersey and has collected and recycled over 6,400 pounds of scrap metal. On August 19, Dominic presented a $1,000 check to the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The money he donated provided 3000 meals to feed the hungry. 

How is Dominic able to raise this money and help feed the hungry? He picks up scrap metal items from residents and businesses in New Jersey and breaks down the items to separate the scrap and non-scrap items. 

“After separating scrap and non-scrap items, all collected items are sold at market value for scrap. I also work with schools, workplaces, and organizations to organize Scrap Hunger Drives. During a recent Scrap Hunger Drive, 880 keys and locks  and 2,000 pounds of scrap metal were collected,” Dominic says.

“Through my efforts with Scrap Hunger, Inc., I hope to encourage others to give back to their community and combine their charitable giving in a way that helps preserve natural resources and protect the environment, too. I hope that individuals will think of Scrap Hunger when they are getting rid of an appliance or cleaning out their garage. I also hope that businesses will contact Scrap Hunger if they are replacing some office furniture or equipment, or if a realtor has some unwanted items that a homeowner left behind, or an auto body has some unusable car parts.” said Dominic. 
September is National Hunger Action Month; this is a perfect time for all of us to work together to Scrap Hunger.

So how can you get involved? Donate your unwanted scrap metal to help feed the hungry in New Jersey. To find out more about Scrap Hunger, Inc. visit their website at or their Facebook at