Healthy Friendships Are Ageless

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 By Susan Heckler

Are you a good friend? Are you happy with the people you have surrounded yourself with?  Have you ever questioned what drew you to bring certain people into your life or why people incorporate you into theirs?

Others do judge us by who we hang with, but it should also cause some introspection on our behalf.  Why do we choose them as friends and is the relationship a healthy one for you?

Feathered birds and like minds might be the company you keep, but how do you feel after spending the day with them. What qualities do they bring out in you? Do you feel guilty from the association?

A friendship, like any relationship, requires work, compatibility as well as trust, support and respect. Other than physical attraction, it is very much like an intimate relationship.

Let’s see how you rate as a friend:

A good friend:

⎫  Is very supportive of things that you do and encourages you to try new things

⎫  Likes to listen when you have something on your mind

⎫  Respects your boundaries

⎫  May sometimes need your shoulder to cry on but are ready to return the favor

⎫  Great friends will nurture your relationship yet still encourage you to meet people and try new things without them

⎫   Is liked very well by my other friends

⎫  Offers constructive help when you have a problem

⎫  Doesn’t insist on getting their own way in everything

⎫  Feels free to ask you for small favors, lets you know your efforts are appreciated, and will return the favor

⎫  Does not get  jealous or possessive with my other friends

⎫  Tries to be tactful and spare your feelings, even when they’re telling you they disapprove of your choices

⎫  Almost always answer your calls, show up, and makes time for you

⎫  They argue with the intent of coming to a compromise in their friendship, which may mean that they agree to disagree sometimes

⎫  Is trustworthy, which means that you feel comfortable sharing your feelings or the details of your life because you know your friend won’t gossip   behind your back or throw it back in your face