Having Happy Kids

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You do not have to look very far to learn how to be happy. Happiness is one of the most valuable lessons parents can teach their kids. Do your kids see you as a happy person? If you are looking for happiness notice who around you seems to be happy all day? That’s right- kids! Laughter is a natural thing with kids. If you spend some time playing with them, it is contagious!

While there are moments that kids get upset, you find that you can learn a thing or two from them about forgetting their anger and moving on. The saying “kids make us face ourselves” lives true in the art of happiness. It is also possible that you start to remember a time when you used to be a kid and how life seemed so easy and without responsibilities and worries. Living daily in each moment is a wonderful way to lead by example for your children. Explaining to your kids to enjoy what they are doing at the very moment they are doing it is the key to a happy lifestyle. Teaching our kids not to hold grudges and to get rid of negative emotions is a great tool for success in life. Talk to your kids often about what makes them happy or unhappy. Help them achieve the goals they set forth for themselves and help them conquer the discomforts in their life. Teaching your kids that every problem has a solution is a gift you can give them that will make them happy and healthy adults.

When we look at children we see that they are the happiest when they are doing and acting on what they love. Children are always happy because they find joy in little things. They get excited when they see a friend, jump over a puddle or get to go to the park. They do not over analyze situations and do not assume the worst in people or situations. They keep things simple. One way to remind yourself and your kids to stay happy is by keeping a journal. Use the journal to write down the many happy moments that you enjoy in your life. Make it a priority on a regular basis, do something small that makes you happy like reading one chapter of a book you like, exercising or spending time with friends. Simple acts that you do everyday show your children that you have faith and that everyone is responsible and has a choice for their own happiness or not. If your child sees you complaining about a bad part of your day tell them also about a good part of your day.

Make it a daily ritual to reconnect with your inner child. Spend time with your kids and pretend you are five again! Look at the world through the eyes of a child and gain some joyful and trusting qualities and happiness will be with you always as well as always with your children.