Give Kids a Break Enjoy Time Off with a Vacation at a Summer Camp

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Child in canoe

Summer camps can be a great way for your kids and grandkids to relax and unwind after a hard year at school. 

Those camps can provide fun, interesting things to see and do, and the best kinds of learning experiences. At summer camp, kids can get back to nature, hike through the woods, learn how to swim, go horseback riding and just enjoy time being a kid.


Kids can also attend a host of specialty summer camps designed to help them hone their skills and explore their interests.

From fitness camps and sports training camps to computer camps and even astronaut camps, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged as the long, hot days of summer roll around.

Choosing a camp should be a family activity, with both parents and kids taking an active role in the discussion.

As the parent, you my have your heart set on the type of camps you loved as a kid, but it is important that your child be interested in that type of camp as well. After all, your goal is to help your son or daughter forge his or her own memories, not to relive your own.


Cost is unfortunately a factor as well. As much as you might like to send your kid to Houston for astronaut camp, if it is not in the budget you might have to aim a little lower.

The key is finding a camp that is affordable, nearby enough to be convenient but still lots of fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of camps that fit that category, some run by church groups, others run by non-profit and civic organizations.

You can find information about these camps in your local newspaper and by talking to other parents.


As the parent, you also need to decide whether a day camp or a sleepaway camp works best for you and your child.

Many young children are reluctant to spend the night at camp, but after they get over those initial jitters they may find that they love it.

Even so, you might want to choose a day camp for the first year, then discuss a sleepaway camp for the next year.


Of course, these days camps are not just for kids. Parents can relive the fun and excitement of their own childhood days by attending theme camps ranging from football and baseball fantasy camps to music camps and computer camps.

No matter what your interest, you can find a camp that can accommodate it. Whether it is spending a week on the trail camping under the stars on a cattle roundup or spending a week with your favorite musicians learning to play guitar, you can find an adult fantasy camp that can accommodate your interests.

So as you pack little Johnny or Jane off for that first sleepaway camp adventure, why not consider booking an adventure of your own?