Don't Feel Guilty About Taking Your Child To Daycare

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By C. Leis


Academic Excellence Isn’t The Only Benefit Of Child Care

Modern society tends to place greater emphasis on academic and financial excellence, with less concern on social and personal development. In fact, from such a perspective, you would assume that academic and financial excellence would easily make up for any deficiency in social and personal development. However, this is not the kind of lop-sided perspective that you would find in a professional child care facility.

Such a well-organized facility would always have a balanced emphasis on all aspects that are pivotal in all-round development of young children. Indeed, proven research has clearly shown the indisputable link between emotional development and financial/ professional success. This is clearly seen from a study by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) that shows just how powerful this aspect of emotional development is, to the extent of being even more valuable than IQ and experience.

As you can clearly see, an early learning center must provide a conducive environment for all-round development of all kids. This means that ample opportunities must be created for children to socialize and build their personal and social skills, apart from receiving well-organized academic training.

For working families, early learning facilities would offer a much-needed service. It would definitely be a challenge for both parents to remain committed to their jobs while taking care of their kids.

Moreover, such child-minding facilities are so well-organized that your kids would derive even more benefits from them as compared to what you might be able to offer within your own home. The exposure to a social environment, combined with educational guidance by professionally trained personnel will ensure that your child gets the best start in life.

Considering all these benefits, you shouldn’t feel guilty as a parent having to take your child to such a facility. You might feel that you have failed your child in some way by not being the one to guide your child in his/ her early years; however, you should realize that the trained professionals may offer your child much more than you are capable of. Hence, instead of being a sign of failure, it would be the best thing to do for your kid.

Just because you’ve decided to place your child in the care of someone else, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have any way of influencing exactly how your child is treated or the experiences he/ she goes through. On the contrary, there are a whole host of things that you can do to ensure that your son or daughter gets exactly the kind of care you want him/ her to get.

If you don’t really want your child to spend whole days in daycare, you can actually look out for facilities that offer flexibility in the hours children spend under their care. Perhaps, you just need your child to be there only in the afternoon or morning hours, or you might not want it to be a daily arrangement. This might be the case if you normally have your child under your care, but would need a bit of help once-in-a-while if you happen to get some appointment.