Dealing with an Unfair Teacher

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Do you feel like one of your teachers is treating you unfairly? Read on to learn how you can deal with an unfair teacher in a responsible and adult manner.

Do you currently have a teacher who just doesn’t understand you? Are you constantly getting in trouble or struggle to get your teacher’s attention? If you’re not getting along with your teacher and it’s getting annoying, then continue reading this article to gain some tips that can help you deal with your frustrating situation.

Talk to Your Parents
Tell them about your irritation. Be detailed with the actions your teacher has made that bother you. For example, if you get in trouble for talking, but it was really the other kids around you, or perhaps you always have to wait longer than other students to have your questions answered.
The more specific you are with your worries and problems, the easier it will be for your parents to understand where you are coming from. By sharing your problems with your parents, you are able to relieve your stress instead of getting mad at someone at school (which as we all know can result in big trouble!).

Meet with the Guidance Counselor
Guidance counselors can give you good advice about how to deal with unfair or mean teachers. Your guidance counselor knows the different teachers in your school so they will know if it is a personality conflict or some other problem behind you and your teacher’s differences.
Your parents can also come in for this appointment if it makes you more comfortable. The purpose of your counselor is to provide you with help with your classes or other school related problems and they are willing to invite parents or make other adjustments to make your appointments with them as comfortable as possible.

Meet with the Teacher
You could also have your parents schedule a meeting with your teacher. You can join them in the meeting or just have your parents discuss your concerns with the teacher. If you join the meeting you will be able to tell your teacher what has been bugging you, but this can be uncomfortable for a lot of students. Either way is usually effective because it alerts the teacher that he or she has been making students feel uncomfortable. Many times a teacher will not realize that he or she has been misjudging a student or treating them differently than other kids.

Give Your Teacher a Break
No matter what you do, remember your teacher is supposed to be there to help you learn. Being mean and being a demanding teacher are two very different things. If your teacher is just trying to teach you new and difficult skills, this is not a good reason to dislike them. Perhaps you not liking a teacher is really a sign that the class is too tough and you need help with your homework. Think through your reasons for disliking a teacher before you ask to make an appointment with your guidance counselor or teacher because the real purpose of the appointment may change.