The College Advisor Network For U, Inc. Presents the Student of the Month: Alyssa I. Hack

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By Pam Teel

The Millstone Times is proud to present Alyssa I. Hack as our Student of the Month. Alyssa is in the fourth grade and is a student at the Millstone Elementary School. This active ten year old lives in Perrineville and works hard to keep up her good grades in school. She is very conscientious with all of her schoolwork and wants to always do her best. Her fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Prevosti, has nothing but high praise for her. “Alyssa is a pleasure to have in my fourth grade classroom. In class she tackles every assignment with hard work and enthusiasm. She is an active participant 
in group assignments and works well with others. Alyssa is a shining star,” she quoted.

Alyssa loves to write. Her favorite subjects are writing, reading, art and gym. She also enjoys being a part of the band and chorus. She plays the bells in band and finds it easy because she has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Alyssa loves all types of music. She also plays the suspended cymbals and the chimes in music class. She likes gymnastics, playing baseball and playing catch with her family.

Alyssa loves her friends and is very thankful to have special friends like Kyla. She also loves the friends she rides to school with on her bus, which include her friends Emily, Olivia, Erica, Alexa and others.

Her favorite books she enjoys reading are the Humphrey books and the Ann. M. Martin books. Her all time favorite is a book by Ann Martin called, A Dog’s Life. Alyssa loves animals and is a very caring and nurturing young girl. She is of Greek origin and it was only fitting to name her dog Zeus after the Greek God. She was very sad when her dog Tasha died from old age two years ago. She already knows that when she grows up she wants to be a Veterinarian. She made up her mind about that when she was just three years old!

Her favorite movies to date are Megamind and Despicable Me. Her favorite song right now is “The Sun will Come out Tomorrow,” from the musical Annie. Alyssa has many hobbies. She loves playing music, singing, doing crafts, jumping rope, and most importantly hanging out and having fun with her friends.

Alyssa lives with her mom and dad and her dog. Her family has special places they go to both in Vermont and in Florida. Alyssa loves to take trips to either place whenever she has off of school. She would one day love to go to Greece and to Germany to see more of her cousins. Her Grandma and Grandpa on her mom’s side died before she was born, but she still has a lot of Greek cousins on her mom’s side that she stays in touch with. She calls her Grandpa on her dad’s side Opa and she likes to visit with him in Howell. Unfortunately, she lost her grandmother last year.

Alyssa loves Christmas and Easter. She shares Easter with the Greek relatives and really looks forward to the festivities. Her favorite food is pasta and pizza and her all-time favorite food, is called spanakopita, which is Greek.

If Alyssa had one wish, it would be for peace, love and happiness for the whole world and that there wouldn’t be anyone suffering from any pain. She would like to thank her teacher, her friends and family for supporting her and for being there to guide her in life!

The best of luck to you Alyssa. I know with your compassion for animals that someday you will make a great Veterinarian. Keep up the great grades you are getting in school and stay the sweet young girl that you are!

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