Why Shopping Local Matters

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For small business owners, their business is not just a business. To them, it is an extension of who they are. Giving the local businesses within your community a chance is crucial to not only their survival, but to give them an opportunity to win you over as a customer.
This year, step out of your comfort zone and stop by your local retail stores, restaurants, and support your neighborhood store rather than shopping a national chain. Shopping local matters because it affects the entire community. More money spent at local stores means more money stays within the community. This not only helps schools and other organizations through taxes, but small businesses are usually the organizations that support local sports teams, charities and events. The community wins as a whole, but the individuals that took a chance and made their dream a reality win as well.
Small Business Saturday Facts
• 54% of U.S. sales occur at a small business
• On average, consumers are planning to do 35 percent of their holiday shopping at small businesses.
• Small businesses currently make up more than 34 percent of businesses in the United States.
• There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. and counting.
• When spending $100 at your local business, approximately $68 stays within your local economy.
• In a 2012 national poll, individuals said that having locally owned businesses is the #1 factor to establishing a strong community
• Local retailers are more likely to hire locally than retail chains.
• Small businesses donate approximately 250% more to non-profits/community causes than large businesses.
• Franchised small businesses employ approximately 8 million people and make up about 40% of all retail jobs within
the U.S.
• A survey by the National Federation of Independent Business found that 83 percent of U.S. consumers say Small Business Saturday inspires them to shop
small throughout the entire year.
Small Business Saturday 2017
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate and support the small businesses in your community on November 25, 2017. Learn more about Small Business Saturday 2017 and the participating small businesses in your area today! Not only will you feel good about shopping local, but you will be making a meaningful difference for those entrepreneurs within your community.
For more information on Small Business Saturday and to keep up with the growing movement, follow Small Business Saturday on Facebook and Twitter!
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