What Every Middle School Boy Needs Most From His Parents

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By Gabriella Mancuso

Middle School is a difficult time for children, especially boys. They are confused, immature and just typical young boys. From grades 6-8 boys tend to have behavior changes. Typically, they choose to show this to- wards their parents more than anyone else. As a parent, only you know how to handle your child, however if you are struggling here are some things you might need to start considering.

Every middle school boy needs encouragement from both of his parents. Both mom and dad need to encourage their child to do great, and moti- vate him to act to the best of his ability. Show him that you are proud, but there is always room for improvement.

Be proud of your son. Show him that you love him and all he does. Build up his self confidence and self esteem by pointing out success, rewarding his good efforts and supporting him at all of his games and or interest. He needs his parents to support him more than anyone else.

All young men need attention. They need their parents to pay attention to them, their lives, preferences, mood etc. You need to show your child you care about them and their well being. What you should no do it get too much involved, but just enough so that your son feels wanted and loved.

Give your son the chance to become independent. Although this may be hard for some parents, especially moms, you must let them grow and de- velop their own beliefs and mindsets. Allow them to figure certain situa- tions out by themselves so they can learn and develop maturely. Although it may be hard not to intervene, you can always assure your child they can confine in you whenever they need to.