We have always heard of UV protection from the sun but now they are talking about harmful blue lights. What does this mean to me and my health?

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UV is short for ultraviolet, a color on the light spectrum. This light is electromagnetic radiation, which is present in sunlight (even through cloud cover), and also produced by electric arcs, and specialized lights such as mercury-vapor lamps, tanning lamps, and black lights. UV light is associated with suntan, freckles and sunburn on skin which are the familiar effects of over-exposure to it, along with higher risk of skin cancer. It has similar effects to your eye and is known to be responsible for cornea burns and cataracts.
Less known is the effect blue lights have on your health. Blue lights are found inside and outside in your environment. It is naturally emitted by the sun but also comes from fluorescent bulbs, and LED screens like your computer and phone. Blue or Blue-violet is very close to Ultraviolet and is penetrating and harmful to your eyes. Is has been linked to damage to the retina, causing long term visual impairment such as Macular Degeneration. It has been estimated that without protection, by the year 2050 over 265 million people could suffer with this condition.
While we are all susceptible to these rays, children are particularly vulnerable. Their eyes are developing and they are exposed more-so due to their lifestyle. They are three times more exposed, spending more time outdoors. Their pupils are larger, letting more harmful rays in and a younger lens is more crystalline and transparent, letting in more light than an adult.
Visionaries in the optical field have come up with a clear solution to harmful exposure to UV and blue rays. They have developed no-glare protective lenses that filter out the harmful rays. We carry Crizal Prevencia No-Glare lenses which provide 25 times more UV protection that going without eyewear. Not only does it
help protect the sensitive tissue, it also reduces glare which aids in night vision.
I invite you to visit my office for an exam to discuss your eye care health and the same for your family. We take most medical insurances and have a wonderful selection of frames should you need glasses. A visit to us may be your first line of ocular defense!