Tree’s company When It Comes To Your Indoor Cat

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Going outside is not a requirement for your cat’s happiness. Playing inside regularly with a cat and providing entertainment and toys can easily keep them happy and keep them stimulated while providing them the exercise they need to stay healthy. Kittens who are kept indoors are very happy if they were kept indoors from the very beginning.

A cat tree is a recommended addition to your home by veterinarians. You can either buy a ready-made cat tree (often called a “kitty condo”) or make one your own. A cat tree can be short or may stretch from floor to ceiling. It provides great climbing opportunities and, in multi-cat house- holds, creates more play and rest areas by taking advantage of vertical space. If you can, locate the cat tree next to a window so your cat can watch the action outdoors. When you can’t be there to supervise, Pet Smart recommends leaving out “toys” such as paper bags (with the han- dles removed) or cardboard boxes. Be sure to switch the toys from time to time so that they seem “new” and more interesting to your cat.