Top 10 Foods For Healthy Hair

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By Mia Ingui

Want healthy, shiny, luxurious hair? The first step lies in your diet! There are certain foods that are high in the nutrients beneficial for your hair’s health. Here are top 10!

  1. Salmon: Salmon is high in omega-3’s which your body doesn’t naturally create. This makes your hair shiny and full.
  2. Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt, although high in vitamin D like most yogurts, is also very high in protein, which makes up the building blocks of your hair. This helps blood flow to the scalp and promotes growth.
  3. Spinach: Spinach and other leafy greens are so high in multiple nutrients that they overall produce healthy hair and other parts of the body, like your skin and eyes.
  4. Guava: Often found in shampoos, guava is known to help prevent hair breakage.
  5. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes actually fight dull hair to produce shinier locks. The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes helps the scalp absorb vitamin A, which promotes a healthy scalp, not a dry one.
  6. Poultry: For the same reason as yogurt, poultry is high in proteins that help build hair and make it full and thick.
  7. Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps promotes circulation of the blood in your scalp, which will bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair.
  8. Eggs: Eggs are rich in biotin, which promotes growth. Too little biotin in the hair and scalp results in hair loss.

      9. Oysters: Oysters are rich in zinc, which also ghts hair loss.

10. Avocados: Avocados have natural, healthy oils that fight dry hair.