Thinking of Moving Closer to Your Grandkids?

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If you’re thinking of relocating to be closer to the grandkids, you’re not alone. These days, families are more geographically separate than ever before and it’s not unusual for adult children to settle a significant distance away from their parents.
It’s natural to want to live closer to your grandchildren, but there are a few things you should consider before deciding to make the move.
Is your adult child really committed to staying where they are now? Have they bought a house and are their kids established in the school system? Do they or their spouse have a job that requires periodic relocations? You don’t want to uproot your entire life to be closer to them, only to have them move again in a few years.
This may not be the case for every family. But for many adult children, a parent relocating to the area could be an ideal source of free childcare. Are you willing to make this commitment?
If you’ve chosen your retirement area carefully only to be tempted to move elsewhere to be close to the grandkids, consider how this will affect your financial picture. What is the tax situation, real estate prices, and cost of living like for retirees?
If you’re retired and in good health, having access to good healthcare may not be as important now but as you age, it will become more so.
Consider how good the new location would be as a retirement spot with access to fun activities and amenities, health care, and a good tax situation.
Finally, be ready and willing to be independent and build your own life there, one that includes grandkids and adult children, but doesn’t depend on them.