The Trenton Toast

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By, Stan O.
New Jersey, often called the “Garden State,” has a rich history of humor and comedy. There are many funny stories that have come out of the state over the years, but one that stands out is the infamous “Trenton Toast” incident.
In the early 1900s, a group of young men in Trenton, New Jersey decided to play a prank on their friend, who was known for being particular about his toast. They went to a local diner and asked the cook to prepare a piece of toast that was burnt on one side and raw on the other, but perfectly golden in the middle.
The cook, who was known for his sense of humor, obliged the young men and created what he called the “Trenton Toast.” The young men brought the toast to their friend, who was so disgusted by the burnt and raw parts that he threw it out the window of their moving car.
However, the prank didn’t end there. The young men went back to the diner and told the cook that their friend had loved the toast so much that he wanted to order more. The cook, eager to continue the joke, created more of the burnt and raw toast and sent it out to the car.
The young men gave the toast to their friend again, who once again threw it out the window in disgust. This went on several more times, with the cook creating more and more of the burnt and raw toast, until the young men finally confessed the prank to their friend.
The story of the “Trenton Toast” quickly spread throughout the town, and it became a popular joke among the residents. The cook, who was known as a prankster, became a local legend, and the diner became a popular spot for people looking to experience the famous “Trenton Toast.”
Today, the “Trenton Toast” incident is still remembered and celebrated in Trenton. It serves as a reminder that even the smallest things, like a piece of toast, can bring people together and create a lasting memory.
In a state known for its serious history, the “Trenton Toast” incident shows that New Jersey has a lighter side as well. It is a testament to the humor and wit of the people who call the state home, and a reminder that laughter is an important part of life.
“Stan O” is a resident of CNJ. Stan is also a reader of CNJ+ Media and wanted to share this fun history with the other neighbors in CNJ. Thank you Stan for sharing this with the many CNJ neighbors who receive CNJ+ media.