The Millstone Times Student Of The Month

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By Pam Teel

Seven-year old Alyssa Cox lives in Millstone Township. She attends the St. Thomas Blue Ribbon School in Old Bridge, NJ. She is in the second grade. She really likes her math and art class and likes being with her friends during school. Alyssa has been on the honor roll for five marking periods in a row. Her most favorite subject is math. Her favorite book right now that she likes to read is Shel Silverstein’s, Runny Babbit. Her favorite TV show is PingU and her favorite Christmas song is Silent Night.

Alyssa’s favorite place to visit is Disneyworld. She lives with her Dad. He is a teacher and also plays guitar and sings. Her grandparents stay with her family for most of the school year to help support her. Alyssa has a pet frog named hoppy. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she has a lot of fun during that time. Her favorite sports and activities are gymnastics and swimming. She also likes to play Nintendo switch. Her favorite character is Yoshi. Alyssa plays the piano and she also loves to sing. Her favorite foods to eat are French fries and yogurt. Her favorite hobby is collecting bugs and writing stories. When she gets older she would like to become an entomologist, which is a scientist who studies insects. If she had but one wish, she would wish that she could ride a dinosaur. Keep up the great work that you are doing in school Alyssa!

Alyssa Cox

If you have a child, friend, someone you know, who loves school and you would like to acknowledge them, please drop me an email. They don’t have to be a straight A student, just someone who works hard and likes learning.