The Millstone Times STUDENT OF THE MONTH

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By Pam Teel

Thirteen-year-old, Izzy Tonielli, attends Millstone Township Middle School.

Her favorite subjects are science and social studies. She studies hard throughout the year and gets mostly A’s and high B’s. For the most part she loves school, but her least favorite subject is Math.

Her favorite books to read are, Number the Stars -about the ho- locaust and My Lady Jane -about the monarchy.

Her favorite Television show is Dance Moms and she loves Billie Eilish.

Her hobbies are dance, field hockey, acting, and cheering.

Her favorite places to visit are Disney, Paris, and dance camp in Vermont.

Izzy lives with her parents and her 16 year old cousin also lives with her family. Her grandparents live in NJ and South Carolina. She has a great grandmother who is 92.

She has chickens for family pets. They have had the chickens for about 7 years, and when they first got them Izzy would play with them on the playground and the chickens would go down the slide and climb up the steps.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas because everyone is so happy and she likes to buy and get gifts.

Her favorite activities are field hockey and dance.
Her favorite food to eat is ice cream.
If she had one wish it would be to live at Disney World.

Izzy is hoping to continue her dance training at Red Bank Regional High School. She has been competitively dancing since she was five years old.

Izzy also likes trying new electives. This year she is taking Japanese Swordsmanship. She also likes older electives like musical theater and acting.

Izzy would love to be a chemist one day.

We wish you the very best Izzy. Keep up the great school grades!

If you have a child, friend, someone you know, who loves school and you would like to acknowledge them, please drop me an email. They don’t have to be a straight A student, just someone who works hard and likes learning.