The Logic of Logos and Catchphrases

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By Pam Teel

Popular phrases that people say incorrectly! Even though they are still not correct, our way of saying them has become the norm. See how many you say wrong!

Incorrect- Nip it in the butt.

Correct- Nip it in the bud. You’re putting an end to it before it has a chance to grow and start.

Incorrect- I could care less

Correct- I couldn’t care less. Saying that you could care less about a topic implies that you do care about it at least a little.

Incorrect- One in the same

Correct- One and the same- one in the same means nothing at all. One and the same means that two things are the same.

Incorrect- You’ve got another thing coming

Correct- You got another think coming. That correct whole sentence is- Is that what you think, then you’ve got another think coming.

Incorrect- Each one worse than the next

Correct- Each one worst than the last. Each one worse than the next doesn’t make sense since you can’t see into the future.

Incorrect- For all the intensive purposes

Correct- For all intent purposes

Incorrect- Hone in

Correct- Home in. The word hone means to sharpen or improve somehow. The word home in on something means to get closer.

Incorrect- Statue of limitations

Correct- Statute of limitations

Incorrect- On accident

Correct- By accident. You can do something on purpose but not on accident.

Incorrect- He made a complete 360-degree turn in his life

Correct- He made a complete 180-degree turn in his life. If he did a 360-degree change in his life it means he would return to the exact place that he started from, which means that he wouldn’t have changed at all.