The Imporortance of Having a Tidy Homome with Children

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By: Nazli Mohideen
Much of people’s childhood is defined by a playroom; mounds of toys falling out of bins and boxes, and more than likely, overflow to more than one designated room. The sacred action figures and dolls are taken everywhere a child goes only to be replaced by its newest edition in a few months or recycled with another craze. As children grow older, they’re often met with a list of Sunday morning chores and cleanliness becomes a part of their everyday lives.
In fact, having a tidy home as a family with children is incredibly vital to their physical and mental health, so much so that multiple studies have been released analyzing the connection between a clean home and a child’s well-being.
Cleaning one’s home lessens stress in addition to anxiety in children. Unnecessary clutter has been proven to be a dis- traction and direct source of uneasiness. Focusing on homework at the sticky kitchen table covered in piles of mail and wrappers of unfinished snacks is only one of the many difficulties brought upon by an untidy home.
Learning halts and productivity decreases as the mess continues. It is also
harder to find certain things in a timely
manner amid all the clutter, potentially adding to financial hardship if items have to constantly be replaced. On top of feelings of stress, children are embarrassed and ashamed to have friends over knowing that their house is in a messy state. If only five minutes are taken out of every day to wipe down a table or organize a few miscellaneous items in that abyss of a junk drawer we all have, these negative emotions will barely come up, if at all.
Also, the benefits of keeping a tidy home carry over to a child’s physical health. The chances of mold or bacterial spread in the home greatly declines when surfaces are wiped down daily with disinfectant sprays and a window is cracked open for ventilation. As a result, the likelihood of contracting bronchitis, pneumonia, and other respiratory conditions are minimized as well.
Cleaning sheets regularly gets rid of bed bugs and other mites, too. As for the kitchen, keeping this area clean guarantees no unwanted visitors like bugs and rodents. Simply mopping the floors for food crumbs and tackling spills the second they happen helps with this.
Particularly with families owning pets, vacuuming is essential to undermine, but not totally eliminate the presence of dirt, dust, and pet hair. Especially for children just entering the world, ridding a home of any potential allergens is crucial.
Beyond physical and mental health benefits, a clean home works wonders for a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Whether it’s helping put a couple of toys away after playtime or putting their plate in the sink, actively cleaning a home gives them a great sense of accomplishment. The next time one’s mom yells to “Clean your room!”, it may actually be doing more good than you think.

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