The Harmony Place

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By Pam Teel

The Harmony Place is a nonprofit organization that was created with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families in a community environment who have suffered and are currently struggling with the long-lasting effects of debilitating traumas and PTSD.

The organization was founded by Marvlyn Vincent, who is a survivor of abuse herself, after leaving the Caribbean in an effort to get away from the lasting effects of the physical, mental, and sexual abuse that she experienced while growing up. She learned what it meant to survive after years of being victimized.

It took a lot of time, but she found a way to take back what was repeatedly stolen from her as a child through her developmental years and as a young adult. She is living proof that you can become that person that you always dreamed you could be. Marvlyn finally found her freedom and a way to become whole again. It is her goal to be an example to others, help those who are struggling, and help those who might want to give up.

For years, Marvlyn couldn’t sleep because she had terrible nightmares. She was paralyzed by fear whenever she was in the company of strangers. She couldn’t trust anyone. She was especially affected by her feelings of helplessness and her inability to defend herself if something were to happen. After years of trial and error, she discovered ways that helped not just her mind, but her body to heal, as well. Marvlyn took up Martial Arts to learn how to defend herself and to release the pent up anger she had inside of her. She practiced calming methods, such as yoga and meditation, to center herself and help her find her balance. She learned how to be in the here and now and how to cope with life around her.

Marvlyn noticed the need for trauma and PTSD support in her community. She gathered a group of likeminded individuals together who shared her same passion for helping others and together they created a structured support group that they opened to the public. What the team offers is peer to peer support for those needing to share their experiences. The focus of the group is to find and share solutions that have worked for others in the past, to focus on the healing, and to work on getting past the trauma and the pain of reliving the traumatic events. According to Marvlyn, “It’s a safe place where people can share their experiences and achievements. Attendees are encouraged to share; however, no one is forced to speak until they are ready.” At the end of each session, there is a twenty-minute meditation.

In the near future, Marvlyn is hoping to add yoga, meditation, and classes to the services, all of which will help aid in the release of trauma while strengthening both body and mind.

Harmony Place is currently looking for a larger facility in the Monroe, East Windsor, West Windsor, Hamilton Princeton area so they can add yoga and self- defense classes. If you know of such a place that would be willing to house the meetings one night a week, please reach out to Marvlyn at 609 382- 9744. https://